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The Ultimate Lasertag Adventure

Welcome to Laserforce Leeds, the new experience brings the latest equipment using Gen 7 gear to ensure your experience is flawless and one to remember. Book now using the button below.
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Next Generation Equipment For The Ultimate Experience

Laserforce Tag Leeds use Gen 7 equipment to ensure a fully immersive experience. With an arena spanning over 3 floors you can be sure to have a great day out with family, friends or even work colleagues. Laserforce Tag is available for birthday parties, private hires and all types of events.

Cutting-Edge Gen 7 Equipment

Laserforce has upgraded to Gen 7 equipment, providing players with a state-of-the-art laser tag experience featuring enhanced accuracy, responsiveness, and immersive gameplay.

Rebranded as Laserforce

The facility has rebranded as Laserforce, signaling a fresh start and reinforcing its commitment to delivering thrilling laser tag battles with upgraded technology and an immersive environment.

Experience Laserforce: Next-Level Laser Tag Excitement

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Laserforce’s cutting-edge Gen 7 equipment. Dive into heart-pounding laser tag battles in our multi-level arena. Get ready for next-level excitement!

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Birthday Parties

Celebrate in style with Laserforce’s birthday party packages! Enjoy action-packed laser tag battles, delicious food options, and a memorable experience for the guest of honor and their friends. Book your party today!


Elevate team bonding with Laserforce’s corporate/group events! Strengthen relationships, foster teamwork, and unleash competitive spirit with exhilarating laser tag battles in our dynamic multi-level arena. Book your event today!

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Laserforce's Ultimate Team-Building Adventures

Discover thrilling laser tag battles and strengthen bonds with our corporate/group events. Elevate teamwork and camaraderie today!

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Foster Team Bonding

Engage in adrenaline-pumping laser tag battles that promote teamwork, communication, and collaboration among colleagues in a dynamic and immersive environment.

Ignite Friendly Competition

Challenge coworkers to friendly competition as you strategize, plan, and execute winning tactics in our multi-level arena.

Enhance Workplace Dynamics

Experience the thrill of victory and learn valuable lessons in cooperation and leadership, fostering a positive and cohesive workplace culture.

Explore Laserforce: Immerse Yourself in Action-Packed Moments

Delve into the heart of Laserforce’s exhilarating adventures by browsing through our gallery. Discover captivating snapshots and thrilling moments that showcase the excitement of our laser tag battles.

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Participate in community forums where you can connect with other players, share tips and strategies, and discuss all things laser tag.

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Experience Laserforce’s thrilling adventures at competitive prices. Enjoy action-packed laser tag battles without breaking the bank. Book your session today!

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Enjoy a single game in our arena lasting up to 20 minutes in total.

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Enjoy 3 games of Lasertag in our multi-level arena.

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